State’s 2015 Ozone (70ppb) NAAQS Attainment
Recommendations (October 2016).

Connecticut Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf

Delaware Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf

Indiana Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf
Indiana Enclosure 1  pdf
Indiana Enclosure 2  pdf
Indiana Enclosure 3  pdf

Kentucky Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf

Ohio Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf
Ohio Enclosure   

Pennsylvania Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf

West Virginia Ozone Designations Recommendations  pdf

Review of Recent 2014 and 2018 8-hr Ozone Design Value Data
prepared by Alpine Geophysics, LLC - March 2015

EPA Tier 3 AQ modeling Technical Support Document   pdf

Monitor Identification   pdf

Below are links to Regional Pages with the individual graphics for
each monitoring site developed by Alpine Geophysics and originally
distributed to MOG members on October 8, 2014.  The chart on the
left is from the LADCO OSAT 2018 modelled results.  The chart on
the right is scaled from the MATS using 2011 monitoring and related
reduction factors.  

Arkansas: Central Monitors
Iowa:  Central Monitors
Kansas:   Central Monitors
Louisiana:  Central Monitors
Minnesota:  Central Monitors
Missouri: Central Monitors
Nebraska:  Central Monitors
Oklahoma:  Central Monitors
Texas: Central Monitors

Illnois:  Midwest Monitors
Indiana: Midwest Monitors
Michigan: Midwest Monitors
Ohio: Midwest Monitors
Wisconsin:  Midwest Monitors

Connecticut: Northeast Monitors
Delaware: Northeast Monitors
Maine: Northeast Monitors
Maryland: Northeast Monitors
Massachusetts:  Northeast Monitors
New Hampshire:  Northeast Monitors
New Jersey:  Northeast Monitors
New York:  Northeast Monitors
Pennsylvania:  Northeast Monitors
Rhode Island: Northeast Monitors
Vermont: Northeast Monitors

Alabama: Southeast Monitors
Florida:  Southeast Monitors
Georgia: Southeast Monitors
Kentucky:  Southeast Monitors
Mississippi   Southeast Monitors
North Carolina:  Southeast Monitors
South Carolina: Southeast Monitors Page 2
Tennessee: Southeast Monitors Page 2
Virginia: Southeast Monitors Page 2
West Virginia: Southeast Monitors Page 2

North Dakota:  Western Monitors
South Dakota:  Western Monitors